Inactive Title

This journal is not up to date on the JOL. Only archival content is hosted. This could be due to one or more of the following:

  • The journal has been taken over by a publisher outside of area served by the JOL, so no longer qualifies for inclusion.
  • The journal has stopped publishing.
  • The journal is still publishing, but has stopped sending its content to the JOL, and the JOL has been unable to re-establish contact with the journal.
  • The journal is experiencing a long delay in publishing its next issue (one year or more).

NOTE 1: It is the responsibility of the journal to make sure that its JOL entry is accurate and up to date (including all journal contact information, and Editorial Board names and information), and that the most-recently published content is available on the JOL.

NOTE 2: Even if a journal has stopped publishing altogether or has been taken over by an overseas publisher, archival content could still be of use to the international research community, so past content is usually kept on the JOL.

NOTE 3: If the journal enters into a co-publishing agreement with an international publisher such that editorial control and the majority of the management of the journal remains in the country, including control of peer reviewing, the journal may stay on the JOL.